It's Not a Loss
If it's a Lesson

An online trading journal to record your trades and present trade analysis for future improvements. Step up from the spreadsheet journals today!

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Full Fledged Journal

Journaling too hard? Just import your trades or enter manually. Add tags, comments and screenshots.

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Lose less, Earn more

"Penny Saved is Penny Earned"

Find out which setups lose you money and make changes or stop trading them.

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Increase your profits

Analyze your trading data and dial down on what is working. Use an assortment of filters to help you.

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Every theory tested

Want to add more information to your trades? Create custom fields of more than 4 types including number, text, date, time. Plot charts between any two fields including your custom ones.

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That's right. Start journaling with a free plan to try us out. We do not limit any trade analysis reports on free plan. If you like us, upgrade to our affordable pro plans to get unlimited access to all features.

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Success Stories

  • Aman Sethi

    Profits increased by 82%

    I always aimed for atleast 2:1 RR but the data showed that I was actually achieving pretty much 1:1. I maade efforts to cut losers quicker than before and it has helped me a lot.

  • Manoj Sharma

    Profits increased by 44%

    I noticed I was losing a lot of money on trades I held longer. Those are probably the trades I don't exit hoping it would make a recovery. I always knew that was a bad idea but now the data is screaming at me so I have to take action.

  • Rajeev Goel

    Profits increased by 117%

    I was losing a lot of money trading cheap stocks and Not a Loss made it really apparent that it was a bad idea. Simply cutting those stocks out of my strategy made my profits more than doubled. I'm grateful for this service.

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