About Us

As a trader myself, I had always seen the benefits of journaling the trades. I started trading in 2011 in the forex markets and I was skeptical about it at first - thinking its such a hassle and what good would it do - but when I started doing it, I immediately saw the benefits and then never looked back.

I used to log my trades in spreadsheets and overtime, I started drawing charts on the data with varying combinations. This has helped me immensely in my trading in improving my accuracy and pinpointing where I'm losing the most or what am I best at.

As I transitioned to stock markets, I kept my habit of journaling but when I talk to other traders I see they are at the stage where it is too much hassle for them - like it was for me long ago. Now, not everyone is good with numbers or wants to do all that work in setting up the charts. That is why I decided to make this product to help everyone get those insights to improve their trading.

As an individual trader, the cards are already stacked against us as it is so every little advantage should be welcomed.

On Not a Loss, all you have to do is export your trades from your broker and import them here. The system will process and anayze the data to show you the potential patterns that occurs in your trading. When you can see those patterns, you can do something about them.

I wish each one of you success in the stock market. Its a thrilling ride of a job, isn't it?

Vipul Kapoor
Founder, Not a Loss